Leesburg, FL

Hi all!  To all of our players in Leesburg, FL;  we might want to consider a change to a street name there. Because Harbor View Drive  is being seemingly taken over by American Hand n Foot players perhaps we could change the street name to something like “AHNF PLAYERS COURT”?? 

Leesburg, FL is a Growing American Hand n Foot Community!


Leesburg, FL is a Growing American Hand n Foot Community

A few days ago another order came in from the Leesburg community, a player named Lucy.  Today once again an order comes in from the Leesburg community, a player named Pam.  She has just learned to play the game and absolutely loves it.  When asked what specifically she loves about playing the game is, well, she says EVERYTHING!  Then she did point out the added “American” card in our game and how exciting it makes the game for her when she gets one.  Play on Pam and “Enjoy for a Lifetime”!!



Play anyway. You will feel better!!In the tune shown above for the word “song” replace it with “game”.  For the word “Sing” replace it with “Play”.  You WILL feel better!

I’m searching for new photos from our game players.  If you don’t mind having your picture posted on our website send me what you have.  If you have several send them and I’ll do my best to make a short video.  Email to americanhandnfoot@gmail.com





The poker chip pictured on the left is our new “I’m going into my foot” chip to notify other players you are just that much closer to going out.

Available for purchase.

Our New Cards are Shown on our Home Page

The 6 American Hand-n-Foot special playing cards being held up in the photo on our Home Page are showing a new paint job for 2021 and beyond.  It you don’t notice a difference I will tell you what it is….the color on the back covers the entire back of the card, previous cards had the traditional white border around the edges.   Ignore the black outline on the cards, That is there for display on the page. 

Hope you like them!!


American-Hand-N-Foot-the game- It’s Really This Family’s go to Game!

We received the below comment today from a good customer and longtime player:

Hi Jerry and Joan–I wanted to thank you for sending all the special American-Hand-N-Foot games! We received them all.

My mother in law lives with us and we’ve played with the game she has for a number of years.

She decided she wanted to give a game to each of her children and grandchildren for Christmas this year since it’s become a favorite family game–so, all 25 games have been wrapped, labeled, and shipped as needed!

Thanks again! Happy Holidays!

WOW!  Thank you for this very nice compliment!