We Love These Comments

From RG: My husband R_____and I just moved into an RV/Mobile home park in Texas.  They have game nights here and have one of your American-Hand-N-Foot games. I love it so much I wanted to get my own. Thanks.


Hey Players and Hope to be Players,

Joan and I were going through our family card game customer list just as a matter of record .  Primarily what was of interest to us was to find out how many states/countries we currently ship to and which state appears to have the most players based on shipping addresses.

The state of Wisconsin is by far the American Hand n Foot card playing capital of the world followed by Minnesota.  That didn’t surprise us but it DOES seem strange that once again Wisconsin trumps Minnesota especially since our residence is in Minnesota!

We offer our profound gratitude to the great Badger state and of course to all of you who know, play and love our card game.  Since our birth in 2005 we have shipped games to how many states (guess the number of states, I’ll respond in a few days with the answer) and to Canada as well.  (some Canadians maintain a state side shipping address)

We do want to also say thank you to our players because without you talking up our card game this would not have happened.  This distribution is the result of “word of mouth” advertising by you players who have cared enough to talk up our game.  The main contribution we have made for the marketing of the American Hand n Foot was the shipping of multiple games to the military back in the early days as well as a few training events here and in Wisconsin.  One local paper also interviewed and wrote a nice article otherwise it’s all our American Hand n Foot players!!

I wish we had an occasion to honor our All Stars kind of like MLB.  We could name them for sure.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have an American Hand n Foot tournament some day or week end?


A note from Jerry

Hi Everyone!

It’s certainly a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Joan and I are sitting out on the deck here in Minnesota.  She has her computer, I have mine but here we sit together  She is looking at the yard and thinking about what she can do next to make it even more inviting than it already is!  Me, I’m trying to figure out whether I can make the Americanhandnfoot.com website more searchable for folks, as in “how to find us”.  As I work on this “it’s still a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  I think I’ll listen to some bird talk.  They certainly are chattering away out here!

Lost Our Special American Hand-N-Foot Buddy

A Chihuahua Blessing

It’s one of those things that is destined to happen.  Our Bruno the Chihuahua passed away on May 1, 2019, leaving behind an ocean of tears but many really great memories.  I’ve heard that a Chihuahua is a one person dog.  Not true.  What Bruno managed to do was make you believe you were the most important being in his life.  When he pranced around the room he made each of us feel that way.  In this photo he is snuggling with Dot at a family Christmas celebration.  Bruno often sat on someone’s lap as we played American-Hand-N-Foot.  Some of us often suspected him of being a spy and would somehow pass information on to others playing the game about what was being held by the person who’s lap he was sitting in!

A Directions Question/Answer

The following question was asked of us recently:

It’s not clear, when at the start of the game, if we are supposed to turn up 1 card, 3 cards, or no cards onto the discard pile?

If you have had the same question or similar, this is the answer:

Your question is a good one, I confess that it is one that we didn’t discuss after going over the game’s directions many times and making revisions when we thought something needed to be better defined!
The answer to your question is that you turn over “none” to begin. The first card that is shown face up is the first player’s discard.