Our New Cards are Shown on our Home Page

The 6 American Hand-n-Foot special playing cards being held up in the photo on our Home Page are showing a new paint job for 2021 and beyond.  It you don’t notice a difference I will tell you what it is….the color on the back covers the entire back of the card, previous cards had the traditional white border around the edges.   Ignore the black outline on the cards, That is there for display on the page. 

Hope you like them!!


American Hand-n-Foot Official Rule Change


Hello to all, we hope that you are enjoying your weather, wherever you may be.  It is frigid (23 below zero) here in the Midwest !  Happy Valentine’s Day belatedly!

We have reprinted and made a slight revision on our instruction sheet.  Prior to any revision, we read and discuss the current instructions as well as take into account any comments or suggestions we have received from any of our American Hand-N-Foot players.   With any revision, our goal is to help our players understanding of the game.

The main change is in the play of the Wild card.  We have always maintained in our instructions that when a wild card is discarded it “freezes” the discard pile so the only play for the next player is to draw 2 new cards.

Joan and I discussed this at length,  and feel that it will add another fun “new twist”, thought filled  aspect to the game for the player who is considering what to discard.  Therefore,  in the new printed instruction sheet it will say that if a player discards a Wild card, the next player has the option to pick up from the discard pile, PROVIDING that player has 2 “Wild” cards in their hand. 

We hope you enjoy this change.



Service is Alive and Well Here!

From Steve in Florida: “I received my package yesterday.  I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the great service.”
Thanks Steve, we love to receive these comments!  This is what we strive for.