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Are you looking for a new card game?  Why not try something different and unique?  American Hand-N-Foot is a card game with a new twist on an old favorite. It is fun for the entire family, and can be played as individual players, or as partners.  Fun for all ages, from teens to 100’s. Our players say, “To play it is to love it!”

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About Us

American Hand-N-Foot was created in 2005, by twin sisters Dot and Norma, from Minnesota.  The twins and their husbands wintered in Arizona, and they played the original game of hand and foot with many friends.  They noticed that the “rules” changed with every couple who played the game.  Dot and Norma grew frustrated with this, and set out on a quest to create a game with new twists,  new specialty cards, and a set of rules.

When the twins returned to Minnesota, they enlisted the help of a few family members to help bring to life the new game that they envisioned. The family worked and played together for a couple of years to determine all of the fun twists, an original card design, and to bring American Hand-N-Foot to life.  Now, more than a decade later, American Hand-N-Foot is being played from coast to coast across the United States and Canada.

The game is called American Hand-N-Foot because Dot and Norma loved our country! They wanted to emphasize its heritage. This is why on our unique card set, you will see George Washington, the Statute of Liberty, and other great American icons.

Our Game

Our game consists of 6 specialty card decks of 56 Cards each which use “red hands” and “black feet.”  The decks contain additional cards which allow changing a book from “black” to “red” and a card which provides an additional way to gain points. These features provide interest to make this a very unique, catchy, and habit- forming game.

In addition to the 6 specialty card decks, our game includes 6 quality chips, a score sheet master (to use for copies), and an easy to follow instruction sheet.  American Hand-N-Foot is packed solidly in a brown recycled kraft box with the game label affixed to it.  To help stabilize the package during shipping we have added beige tissue sheets.  Finally, the entire game is wrapped in a clear plastic bag which makes it an attractive gift set.


American Hand-N-Foot is available for purchase on this website. We ship American Hand-N-Foot via USPS Priority Mail

within the Continental United States.

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