A Couple of Encouraging Comments

From: Judy in Menomenee Falls:

My sisters and I played this game with my mom, several times a week, over several years. She passed away last December, however, my 10 year old grandson asked for the game for Christmas so we hope to keep it going.

Judy, it’s always good to hear of the younger generation playing and enjoying the game with family.  Thank you!!

From: Lynn in Lancaster:

Thank you so much for the quick set of hand and foot cards. I was able to get the set wrapped and sent home with son’s family so they will have it for their Christmas.

Lynn, another motto of ours is to provide the best service we can give.  It’s always nice to hear our service helped in the timing of a gift given.

Statements such as this are Encouraged and Appreciated!

Comment received recently from Rodney in Florida

We just purchased another set of cards; I believe we have purchased over 10 sets for ourselves and friends. We have had a countless number of hours of enjoyment from the game and don’t plan on stopping any time soon!!!

Hi Rodney,

We are happy to have contributed to you, your family and your friends enjoyment!  Thank you for being an Elite Player!

Service is Alive and Well Here!

From Steve in Florida: “I received my package yesterday.  I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the great service.”
Thanks Steve, we love to receive these comments!  This is what we strive for.

Michigan Game Player Talks #familyentertainment!

“Funneling user stories so that as an end result, we create a better customer experience.”

 It’s always fun to hear from people who enjoy the AHNF game and are experiencing #familyentertainment! 

Following is a note we recently received from one of our game lovers.

Joan: Got our cards today. Thank you. We learned to play American-Hand-N-Foot at our “Over 55” park when we were spending our winters in Texas. I played with the girls and love the game. We taught our husbands to play too.

Now that we are spending our winter in Michigan and are restricted on our activities, my husband and I are playing 1 game every day and keeping track of our wins. This is our favorite pass time-looking forward to it every day.

Group Plays Game for Hours and Hours

Jeannie from MO ordered a game for her brother, who resides in Utah, for his birthday.

What a testimony we heard from Jeannie today!  Sooo Much Fun to listen her story and other very similar stories.  It  is what keeps us going, thank you, thank you!

She says her  group of 7 gets together often at Lake of the Ozarks in MO and when they do it’s a MARTHON game, Playing for as many as 14 hours at a time.  It goes without saying that these folks are longtime friends having gone through grade school, high school and college together.

Jeannie, we hope that our game has not only given your group many hours of fun times but that it has also strengthened your wonderful friendships.

Now that will be very tough to beat, Jeannie!  Thank you!  We are so happy you folks LOVE our game!