Leesburg, FL

Hi all!  To all of our players in Leesburg, FL;  we might want to consider a change to a street name there. Because Harbor View Drive  is being seemingly taken over by American Hand n Foot players perhaps we could change the street name to something like “AHNF PLAYERS COURT”?? 


Play anyway. You will feel better!!In the tune shown above for the word “song” replace it with “game”.  For the word “Sing” replace it with “Play”.  You WILL feel better!

I’m searching for new photos from our game players.  If you don’t mind having your picture posted on our website send me what you have.  If you have several send them and I’ll do my best to make a short video.  Email to americanhandnfoot@gmail.com



Group Plays Game for Hours and Hours

Jeannie from MO ordered a game for her brother, who resides in Utah, for his birthday.

What a testimony we heard from Jeannie today!  Sooo Much Fun to listen her story and other very similar stories.  It  is what keeps us going, thank you, thank you!

She says her  group of 7 gets together often at Lake of the Ozarks in MO and when they do it’s a MARTHON game, Playing for as many as 14 hours at a time.  It goes without saying that these folks are longtime friends having gone through grade school, high school and college together.

Jeannie, we hope that our game has not only given your group many hours of fun times but that it has also strengthened your wonderful friendships.

Now that will be very tough to beat, Jeannie!  Thank you!  We are so happy you folks LOVE our game!

A Faithful AHNF Player

Bonnie has been our Facebook friend 4 years and has been playing the game at least that long! Thank you, Bonnie. You are a valued customer.


Bonnie and Joan

Showing a good Customer
A photo of our founders is held for display by Bonnie and Joan

Work Behind the Scene

Work is continuing in our “office” to resupply our complete games so we will be ready for orders as they come in. All of our customers know that we ship FAST after the receipt of an order and we of course want to remain at the ready! In this photo Joan and our Granddaughter are assembling games.

Some behind the scenes work!