Our Story Continues…

Hand And Foot St Paul MN

American Hand-N-Foot is now a 2nd generation business.  The Founders (twins Dot and Norma) passed the game to their children.

As the game was taking shape, the sons in law (recently retired)  were helping the ladies with inventory, administrative and marketing duties. Both of the men assisted in other ways as the game moved along.  As many as 6 family members went to local community centers and taught the people who signed up to learn about the game.

Later, Dot’s son, Gregg, took over all aspects of inventory, customer service, processing orders, and administrative duties.  He was working full time and with the growth of the game, his schedule did not allow the time needed for our family game, American Hand-N-Foot.

Around 2015, Dot’s daughter and son-in-law, Joan and Jerry, who are retired, assumed all responsibilities for American-Hand-N-Foot.

We hope you will love this game as we do. We are happy to hear the stories from players and how they were introduced to our game.  Please contact us with your comments, questions and stories.

American Hand-N-Foot is available for purchase on this website. We ship American Hand-N-Foot via USPS Priority Mail

within the Continental United States.