My friends Rodney and Kay brought American Hand n Foot with them to our community in Leesburg, Florida.

The rules were so different from the original Hand and Foot I wasn’t sure I would like it.  It didn’t take long though to become knowledgeable and addicted to the game.  We play at least 4 times a week now!

I mentioned to Diane, the writer of this comment, that Rodney and Kay are valued long time supporters of our game.  They hale from Wisconsin and Wisconsin is currently the CAPITAL of American Hand n Foot!

Diane’s response was epic.  She said “Leesburg, FL. may be the new hub for your game”!  (with a smiley face)

Have fun, stay healthy and lets get through this terrible pandemic.

Thanks to Diane for allowing us to post this and special thanks to Rodney and Kay – because you love this game and are happy to help folks in the learning process.  It is very helpful.